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Police Officer 
Deputy Sheriff

Law Enforcement
Recruitment Fair

Join us on August 6th for our law enforcement recruitment fair at the Birmingham Crossplex! Learn about a fulfilling career as a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff. Meet and talk with department representatives, complete an application, and, if desired, complete the steps needed to get you started toward making a difference in your life, the lives of others, and your community.

Meet recruiters

Talk with current officers

Get answers to your questions

​Complete selection components

No application required to attend


August 6, 2024


8am - 5pm

No appointment needed.  Walk in at any time during this window.

Coming Soon:



Thank you for your interest in a career in law enforcement.  The Personnel Board Merit System and its 18 law enforcement departments within Jefferson County, Alabama are seeking motivated individuals to join their teams.  If you are honor-driven, committed to the betterment of our communities, able to effectively build relationships, and possess the necessary attributes to effectively handle critical emergency situations, then a career in law enforcement may be for you.  We encourage you to explore this site to learn more about the job, the departments, and the process for becoming a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff,

Ready to apply?

If you are ready to pursue a rewarding career in law enforcement and ready to apply to be a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff within any of the 18 departments in the Jefferson County (Alabama) Merit System (more information on these department can be found below), then please click here to submit an application.  

Not quite sure or need more information?

If you are not certain about a career in law enforcement and would like to learn more about being a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff, please let us know by providing your contact information below.  Our staff will contact you to discuss the hiring process and will put you in touch with a law enforcement officer who can share valuable information about this meaningful and important career in order to help you decide if being a law enforcement officer is right for you.  

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Thanks for your interest!


The job.

A career as a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff is a career in which you can truly make a difference - a difference in your life, a difference in the lives of others, and a difference in your community.  It is not simply a job, it is a career with serious responsibilities and a career that can truly bring out the best in you. 

Police Officers and Deputy Sheriffs play a vital role in maintaining the safety, protection, and welfare of our communities, but, at its core, law enforcement is a service career. Policing is as much about helping people as it is about enforcing laws. Policing involves having positive daily interactions with citizens and establishing connections with the community that facilitate the ability to collect, analyze, and share critical information and resources. 

While the challenges and demands of the job are real, as a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff, you will be expertly trained to respond to any emergency or crisis situation. You may be provided demonstrated opportunities to advance in your career through a clear rank structure and opportunities to work in specialty units and assignments, including: emergency response, honor guard, K9, criminal investigation, community relations and engagement, hazardous devices, crisis negotiation, traffic and patrol, school safety, motorcycle units, mounted police, cybercrime, animal protection, victim support, and officer training and instruction, among several others.  

Being a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff will ask a lot of you, but it will provide so much in return.  You'll have a feeling of accomplishment in knowing that your presence conveyed a sense of security, protection, and peace of mind; that you provided support and comfort to those in crisis; and you served as a role model to the community.  By seeking to join one of our 18 law enforcement departments (listed in the following section) in the Greater Birmingham area and Jefferson County, you are taking an active step toward building a stronger and safer community and establishing a meaningful and secure career. 





Want additional information about becoming a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff?  Just click on the links below to learn more.

Physical Ability Testing

Being a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff requires physical strength and endurance. Click the icon above to learn about the physical abilities for a career in law enforcement.


Click the icon above to learn more about the qualifications needed to be a Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff.


Ready to apply?  Click the icon above to complete an application.  If you have questions about the application process, please call 205-279-3500, option 1.  

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