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Physical ability testing.

Although the job of Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff is a highly rewarding job, it can also be physically demanding and require strength and stamina.  To be certified as a law enforcement officer by the Alabama Peace Officer Standards & Training Commission (APOSTC), a new recruit must be able to pass a test of their physical abilities.  


All applicants are required to complete the Personnel Board of Jefferson County physical ability test.  If an applicant does not participate their application is considered incomplete and their name will not be issued to departments.  The physical ability test is not designed be a pass/fail test, but is intended to record your performance on each of the events to share with hiring agencies.

  • Complete 22 push-ups in 1 minute

  • Complete 25 sit-ups in 1 minute

  • Complete a 1.5 mile run in 15 minutes and 28 seconds


All applicants will be required to sign an informed consent and liability waiver onsite to participate (waiver).  For in depth information regarding the physical ability test and other details please click HERE to access the information guide.

Applicants will likely be required to participate in another physical ability test with the potential hiring department, in addition to completing a physical agility test (obstacle course).  

**Those who are APOSTC certified do not have to participate in the Physical Ability Test.

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