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Step 1:  Apply

Apply with the Personnel Board of Jefferson County (PBJC).  You can apply to all 18 law enforcement departments within Jefferson County, Alabama with a single application.  Click here to apply.

Step 2:  Meet Qualifications

Your application will be screened and when you meet the qualifications you will receive a test invitation to participate in the PBJC Physical Ability Test.  If you do not meet the qualifications you will receive an email stating why with additional information. 

Step 3:  Participate in PBJC Physical Ability Test

The physical ability test will be offered at least once a month at varying locations throughout Jefferson County.  All applicants are required to complete the PBJC physical ability test before their name will be placed on the register and sent to hiring departments.  Since your performance on the test will be issued to the law enforcement agencies, better performance will likely lead to increased interest from hiring departments.  If you do not participate in the physical ability test, your application will be considered incomplete and your name will not be issued to the departments.  Click HERE for information regarding the physical ability test.

After successful completion of the above steps your name will be added to the eligible register for Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff.  The results of your physical ability test will be provided to the departments.  If you did not meet the standards, you will be able to retake the test at a later date to improve your numbers.  Your name will remain on the register for one (1) year.  After one (1) year, your name will be removed from the register and you will have to reapply and retake the physical ability test to be placed back on the register.


Things to be aware of in the Merit System:

  • Names of eligible applicants are sent to departments with vacancies throughout the Merit System.

  • Vacancies may become available in any of the departments at any time throughout the year.

  • Each jurisdiction makes the final hiring decision based on additional screening (e.g., interviews, background and criminal record checks, polygraph tests, drug testing). 

  • You may be required to complete another physical ability and physical agility test that includes an obstacle course component at the discretion of the department. 

  • Please keep your phone number, email, and address current so departments can contact you. 

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